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Yesterday, Jess ([personal profile] butterflytiger_1982 ) asked me if I wanted a Dreamwidth account. Obviously, I said yes, because it looked too freaking cool and I can just see it being a really big thing in the future. So, I just wanted to mention how awesome some of the features are. For instance, she showed me the diversity statement they have on here/there (bear with me on the here and there, I'm posting this on dw and lj).

Reading this is a must! I've never seen another diversity statement like it. Check it out.

Then there are a bunch of other cool features on here/there like importing everything from your Livejournal Account to your Dreamwidth account with just one button! You just go to Organize then to Import Content and you're basically all set. You can import your friends, your profile, everything. Also, there's no advertising on any accounts, even free ones. No banners, no nothing. Everything looks sharp, nice and clean. Then there's another really cool feature where you can cross post things on your Livejournal (Insanejournal, Deadjournal, etc) by default. So you don't have to copy and paste everything again, it just does it automatically if you set up your other accounts to your Dreamwidth.

So far I'm really liking all these features! And thanks to Jess for showing it to me. ^^  I have no doubt in my mind that Dreamwidth will be the next big thing.

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